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Is 5'8 considered a short heht for males these days? - guyQ by.

The vast majority of women say a man 'wouldn't stand a chance' in the love stakes if they were under 6ft in heht, and 'would struggle' to get their attention...

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Despite the average heht of the British man being just 5ft 10ins, two inches below a 'perfect' heht.

Is 6 <strong>foot</strong> 4 too <strong>tall</strong> as an ideal heht for a man? - Quora

Is 6 foot 4 too tall as an ideal heht for a man? - Quora

And although men are getting there (slowly but surely), having shot up by four inches in the past 100 years, 71 per cent of females still say the ideal heht for a male partner is between 6ft and 6ft 6ins, according to a new poll.Women also said they believe that 'short man syndrome' or 'small man's inferiority complex' - also ed the Napolean complex after the famous emperor Napolean Bonaparte, who was 5ft 6ins tall - really does exist, with 62 per cent saying smaller men had an inferiority complex linked to their heht.

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A total of 63 per cent also said they thought that 'taller men' were sexier than smaller men - mirroring Hollywood's penchant for taller leading men such as 6ft 3ins tall Thor star Chris Hemsworth and 6ft 3ins tall Transformers star Josh Duhamel.

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